Day 2 of 7: What makes you really angry about the world?

Today, I was given the prompt: what makes you really angry about the world?

Ha! So much. But let’s focus on one major issue: The environment. I hear all the time that it’s a complicated problem. Politics are involved. Where will the money come from? Climate change isn’t even real. 

Climate change is real, you idiots. You FOOLS. And the world has the technology to combat the issue.

Here’s what’s happening:

Earth: Hey, Humans. I can’t breathe. Can you stop destroying me? I’m dying over here. I have a fever. I’m cold in places I don’t want to be cold in. I’m hot in places I don’t want to be hot in. If you could all be a little nicer–

Humans: Your problems aren’t real. 

It’s so easy to be better to the Earth, and you already know how. Eat less meat, recycle, don’t buy plastic water bottles ever again, don’t drive gas-guzzlers, etc. SO EASY. Easy on an individual scale, that is.

What about big corporations? From where I stand, at the bottom of the pit, in the dark abyss, the top companies in the world are all about $$$.

When did greed become the code for modern society? Who the hell is at the very top of the corporate food chain going over the books, saying NO to solar, NO to wind, NO to more sustainable products? People are still going to buy shit. It’ll cost a bit up front, but you jerks have the money. Just fucking do it.

Jeepers creepers, guys. I tell ya.

What about you? What makes you angry about the world?


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