Running into Old Friends

There’s nothing like running into an old friend to make you realize how behind you are. Today I saw an old friend [literally, last I checked he was 65 and that was a few years ago] who I hadn’t seen in a long time. He asked “so, did you finish your book?” And I wasn’t sure which book he was referring to, because there have been so many. But my answer was “no” because I haven’t finished a single book in my life.


That’s okay. I finished my application to the Poetry Foundation competition a few days ago and that gave me some much needed momentum. I mean, I finished something. I worked on that damn thing almost everyday for a month and a half and I finished! So, I’m getting back to work on Sort of Super. Maybe I’ll become addicted to finishing books and then I’ll be able to go through my collection of rough drafts and….

yeah I’m getting ahead of myself.

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