Moonshine – draft

in the dark they called me Moonshine
liquor in a glass jar
and the boozy white reflection
of the full moon
on obsidian lakes.
they dub me after back alleys
and a cold view from the docks.
i give them poisoned comfort
i pour pure life into their lungs
before they jump
into chilly water
my dear friends.



you are warmer than fever in
me that was
the wing-ed beast
of legend in
me for
a moment that soft
every where I felt
it was how light
is so fast and
blind to itself.

my body is made
from cheese
I’m cheesy.
In part one of this poem I feel
how light
is so genuine
and fluid
when I’m done
with part one
I’m part two
not shadow
or darkness
I am exactly the myth of the moon
how it’s made of cheese.
How maybe the man on the moon
wishes he were
the man on the moon.

Rejection Letter

Rejection is a red dodgeball
lodged in your gut.
Unless you’re a writer.
Then it’s just Tuesday.

This year I entered the 2017 Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Fellowship competition and was rejected. But ho! I just received a delightful email from them. As far as rejection letters go, this one’s pretty damn good.

Dear Eva Moe,

Thank you for participating in the 2017 Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Fellowship competition. The work you submitted was superior, with the result that you were placed among a small group of finalists selected from over 2100 applications. Your poems were read and reread with great admiration by our selection committee.

We were very impressed by the high level of accomplishment evident in your poems, which makes it very difficult to have to say that, after careful consideration of all the excellent finalists, you have not been chosen as a recipient for one of this year’s awards. We strongly encourage you to apply again next year if you’ll still be eligible then.

It was a genuine pleasure reading and thinking about your poems, and all of us wish you the very best.


Don Share
Editor, POETRY

I wonder how close I came to being a finalist? Was I top 50? Top 30? Either way, I made it past multiple cuts. And even though I didn’t make the finals, this letter is still going to be printed out and placed on my wall.

New song up: Envelopes

Hey everyone!
My sister went on a trip to Pittsburgh, leaving the house void of people when I returned from work yesterday. It gave me some much needed time to work on this song and I had the final kinks worked out after about 20 minutes! (Then it took probably an hour to get a recording I could deem “good enough”. The damn song is under 2 minutes.) Sometimes, all I need is to be alone so I can say or sing whatever I want. That’s the easiest way to complete solo work, I’ve found.

My new lo-fi track is called “Envelopes”¬†and you can listen to it here. This one’s on, like all the others, because it’s free and easy to use. Plus, SoundCloud is like my music version of Blank First Page. Anyway, “Envelopes” is much less depressing than my other recent songs. Finally, right?

Check it out if you have 1 minute 41 seconds!

From the Notebook: In the Age of Romance

“In the age of romance and chivalry, steam seeped through open hearts now it’s a gas leak up the nose and on fire. Love is now combustible. Love is now the library. Love is now the golden gilded spine of ancient text.

July 1st 2017.”

like: “love is now the library”
dislike: “ancient text”

I planned to post something entirely different today, but came across this bit in my notebook. There’s something here.