Layout for Grant Application 

Today I’m arranging my poems for the grant I’m applying to. Since I need to take my eyes off of the computer screen anyway, I figured this would be the best way to go. This method is much easier than having to fuss with Word layouts and page breaks and I can see it all at once without having to zoom in or out. Everything is right here! Plus, it’s cool to have physical representations of your work. They’re so tiny when you print them out!

Poetry Foundation Application

I just heard about a Poetry Foundation competition that I’m going to compete in. It’s for young poets aged 21-31 (that’s me). They’ve got a reputation for having capital “P” Poetry. This isn’t the duck-art of painting where the judges want pretty winter scenes and loons on lakes. They like gritty guts and sticky words and visual transportation. Every poem on the site (okay I haven’t read every poem on the site) is filled with more goo than a jelly doughnut, and absolutely NO moody teens with hard feelings.

The stuff I’ve been working on is more spoken-word story telling. I don’t wanna mold myself for an audience, but that doesn’t mean I can’t push myself to be more memorable. Notes for approaching: I ought to have a cohesive set of poems. One theme loosely bound.

Two come to mind:
My travel
My anger

I’m leaning towards travel, just because that’s the freshest and comes with the richest imagery. I think that theme could be more malleable. Anger is great for inspiration, but so far it’s only given me dark words.

I cannot exceed 10 pages of poetry. This presents me with a goal! I continue to write everyday but I will have to focus on poetry right now. Application due April 30th but submissions accepted now. Here’s the link.