New song up: Envelopes

Hey everyone!
My sister went on a trip to Pittsburgh, leaving the house void of people when I returned from work yesterday. It gave me some much needed time to work on this song and I had the final kinks worked out after about 20 minutes! (Then it took probably an hour to get a recording I could deem “good enough”. The damn song is under 2 minutes.) Sometimes, all I need is to be alone so I can say or sing whatever I want. That’s the easiest way to complete solo work, I’ve found.

My new lo-fi track is called “Envelopes” and you can listen to it here. This one’s on, like all the others, because it’s free and easy to use. Plus, SoundCloud is like my music version of Blank First Page. Anyway, “Envelopes” is much less depressing than my other recent songs. Finally, right?

Check it out if you have 1 minute 41 seconds!

Audio: Hip Violence – lofi demo

Hello everyone,
I recently recorded this song: Hip Violence. I started writing it about 4 years ago under the working title “Monster Monster”. I finally finished the lyrics, which changed the meaning of the song a bit. Thus, new title.

In this recording, I experiment with violin and melodica overlays. Because I recorded it with garageband and a simple microphone, it’s not top notch studio quality. There are times when you can hear me press the melodica keys, which drives me nuts. When I finally record this for my album, I will amend that. I’m thinking about adding bass and drums, like in my more popular song, Magic Trick, but I’m not hung up on the idea.

You can find my other demos on