Novella Talk: Sort of Super Volume 1

Prepare: this post is about a writer’s (my) process. In the words of President Trump, this post is going to be “really boring.” He’s so quotable.

In addition to the poetry, short stories and novels, I’ve been working on a novella for the past few months. Intermittently. Here’s how plans change: my original goal for this comedy sci-fi was 13k words. But I started getting further along and thought, wow I can push this puppy to 75k or even a series!

Then came the middle. You know, that evil part of every story writers scowl at. No, they think. The beginning is going so well, I won’t lose momentum this time. Mm mm no how.  Then they lose momentum. We, I should say. We lose momentum.

I lost momentum. How was I supposed to start a civil war on a new planet? Thank goodness for Future Eva, who knows the answers to all of Present Eva’s plot questions. She’s so smart. Truly though, I’ll leave all that figuring-out stuff for editing. That comes next week.

Anyway, my new goal became a 35 thousand word deliciously sweet novella. But when I hit 29k, I thought, “FUCK YOU, 35,000! I say NO!” I’m not adding more unnecessary shit when I simply want to go back through the story and make it solid. I thought of an ending that I’ll marinate for a while during my editing time. I think it will be pretty funny. At least, funny enough to make me toss my head back and croak a solid “heh!”. It will give me more pages. But LO! My goal isn’t more words, more pages, more content. I’m with the idea that this story doesn’t need to be novel length. Shorter and stronger, that’s what I say.

The title I landed on is “Sort of Super Volume 1”. I keep the series idea alive so I can eventually do an Avengers-type storyline with my supernatural characters on another planet. I get so excited just thinking about it!

As for publishing, I have it in my mind to self publish with Amazon Kindle. Which means I’m going to design the front cover too. Which means I get to use my art degree! I chose to self-publish because I don’t want to wait around for someone at Random House to reject my work when I could have tens of people reject my work immediately. Results, people. Results.

That’s all for now,

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