list of poems i can put in my book

i want to publish a book this year. Fiction, auto bio non fiction, poetry, whatever. All three!

List of poems for the book

  1. Blonde Eyed Snitch
  2. Cul de Sac Childhood
  3. A dollar twenty
  4. Road Trip laundry
  5. Enemy Friend Request
  6. In Subplot, Seeking Help | From: Damsel Underwhelmed
  7. Some Things I Recall
  8. Doppelganger
  9. Rubber Trees in Malaysia
  10. College – blender
  11. The Episodes
  12. Director / Honey Language
  13. Beer Face
  14. On a Bridge in the City
  15. 1pm radio station
  16. I’m Sorry, Wendy Xu
  17. Translucent

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